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If you have participated with the World Cup Football or Euro Cup Football game before you can directly go to 'Log in' and input your username and password. In case you can not remember your password you can click on 'Forgot your password?' on the right side of the screen and input your email address. If your user account and email address are in our database you can, by accepting the rules of the game and the terms of use, automatically sign up with the WC game.

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The by you chosen username and password combination will be your user account with which you can log into the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a EspaƱa, World Cup Football or Euro Cup Football game. Your username can have a maximum length of 20 characters. Spaces and special characters are not allowed. Only the letters a-Z and the numbers 0-9 can be used.

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Because we want to protect the privacy of our users we do not use the real names of the participants in our games but a display name instead. The display name can have a maximum of 20 characters and this name will be displayed in the rankings and leagues. The email address you submit will be used for correspondence related to your user account. The confirmation email will also be sent to this email address.

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Your personal information, with exception of your nationality and gender, will not be publicly displayed on the website and will not be provided to third parties. We will use this information to contact you in case you have won a prize.

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