Terms of use

By taking part at the Wijnreder Media WC Football game, view the website or using the information thereon, you agree to the following terms:

Participation in the Wijnreder Media WC Football game

1.1You should be a customer or employee in Belgium or the Netherlands.
1.2You must be at least 16 years.
1.3You can create per person one user account and participate once in a team.
1.4You can not create a user account in the name of another person.
1.5If you create more user accounts or if you register incorrect personal information Wijnreder Media reserves the right to exclude you from participation.
1.6Prizes are not transferable and can not be exchanged for another prize or cash.
1.7Wijnreder Media contact the winners by email or via the telephone numbers registered by sign up.
1.8About the outcome can not be contested.

Termination of participation

2.1Wijnreder Media is entitled without giving reasons to stop the game completely or partially.
2.2Wijnreder Media is entitled without giving reasons to block access to a user or exclude a user from participation. For example for suspected abuse, unauthorized use or non-compliance with the terms and conditions.

Use of language

3.1You may not use offensive names when creating your username, team name or league name.
3.2You as a participant at the Wijnreder Media WC Football game can send and publish messages. You agree that you will only send or publish messages that do not conflict with the standards of decency.
3.3The use of inappropriate or offensive language, or any form of sexual or racist comments mean that your user account will be blocked and you will be excluded from further participation.


4.1When you sign on we ask you for personal data. Of course we will respect the data you leave behind. The data are contained in a file that conforms to the Data Protection Act.
4.2The data is used to give you acces to the Wijnreder Media WC Football game as well to contact you if you are one of the winners.
4.3Data is not made available to third parties without your permission for another purpose for which you provided the data.
4.4You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password and for everything that happens with your user account.
4.5When you do not know your password and/or username anymore you can by using the forgot your password function request for an email with your username and a new password. Wijnreder Media reserves the right to block the acces to the Wijnreder Media WC Football game at the moment it is likely that an infringement on the privacy may be found.
4.6It is possible to view your personal information via the website and to change it if required. If you want to change your email address, you will need to apply by email.
4.7Who wants to be removed from Wijnreder Media WC Football game can indicate this by email. In that case your personal data will be deleted as soon as possible.

Intellectual property rights

5.1The content on this website, its data, images, sounds, text and combinations there and the software are protected by copyright, trademark and database rights. These rights are vested by Wijnreder Media or their respective owners.
5.2You are not allowed to change the information on the website, copy, distribute, send, transmit, publish, display, perform, reproduce, license or sell.
5.3You are not allowed to obtain unauthorized access to computer systems and databases of Wijnreder Media.

Third party information

6.1The information posted on the website that originates from third parties, including but not only - messages and comments from participants - gives only the personal opinion of the contributor. Wijnreder Media and Wijnreder Media are in no way responsible for the content.
6.2Some links on the website lead to resources hosted on servers of independent third parties of which Wijnreder Media and Wijnreder Media has no authority or control. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the material on and the availability of those servers.
6.3You are responsible for the evaluation of information, products and services offered by us or by third parties on the website. Wijnreder Media and Wijnreder Media is not a party in or responsible for any transactions between you and third parties.

Limited warranty and liability

7.1Wijnreder Media and Wijnreder Media accept no liability for any direct or indirect damage of any kind arising from or in any way connected with the use of the Wijnreder Media WC Football game, accessibility of the website, inaccuracy or incompleteness in the information provided, information added by third parties as well files made available via the website.
7.2Emails and other information sent over the Internet are intended solely for the addressee. Use of this information is not allowed by others than the addressee. Wijnreder Media and Wijnreder Media do not guarantee the correct and complete transmission of the contents of emails sent or received in time.
7.3We are doing our utmost to ensure as far as possible that services will not be interrupted and that the files are virus free offered through the website, but a guarantee can not be given.